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Artificial Vertical Wall Mat for Indoor & Outdoor Walls (Size- 50 cm x 50 cm), Light Green

Artificial Vertical Wall Mat for Indoor & Outdoor Walls (Size- 50 cm x 50 cm), Light Green

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  • The Kayra Decor Present Securely attached leaves reduce the likelihood of falling off, ensuring a consistently realistic look. These Artificial vertical wall mats are Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, offering flexibility in decorating various spaces.A thick and realistic appearance contributes to high-quality and visually appealing decor.
  • These Vertical Wall Mats are Fully washable design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance to keep them looking fresh. Interlocking connectors for easy installation, or can connect to any wood frame or link fence.
  • Easily cut the mats to your desired size for fitting the decor to specific wall dimensions. Back of each artificial vertical wall decor consists of grids for easy customization using scissors.
  • Enjoy greenery throughout the year with these artificial vertical mats, regardless of seasonal changes.
  • Low-maintenance and eco-friendly construction made of lightweight yet super-strong materials.DIY-friendly for creating vertical garden plants, perfect for home or office decor.
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